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WITHIN THE CITY just for €449.99

Every ride is a new adventure

Life is an adventure itself, and we ought to travel the distance to experience the fullest. Step on our segway and be in awe of the cutting-edge technology that propels it forward.

Why we are best for you

It comes with a self-balancing mechanism, moves forward easily with just a slight tilt of your body. The simplified riding experience is powered by a combination of advanced control algorithms, precision sensors, and high-performance processors. Embark on a new adventure and ride up to 22km in a single charge.


Faster than walking


Battery range

LED color lights

Automatically lights up

We've designed it to be so easy that you don't need long hours of practice to master riding. Simply just step on the scooter and start riding it like a pro within minutes. Now just for €449.99


The ergonomic design combines many precision sensors, continuously captures the slightest movements at least 200 times within a second, keeping you balanced the whole time. The innovative Leansteer® knee control bar allows you to steer easily and precisely, so you'll be able to ride with greater stability.

Compact and lightweight/

Weighs 12.8kg, compact enough to fit into the trunka

Road adaptive/

Climbs 15° inclines and over small obstacles easily

Self-learning mechanism/

While you're learning to improve on your driving skills, segway is also continuously learning to further enhance your riding experience.

/Manage with your smartphone

Check your current speed from the dashboard and operate it like a huge remote control car from your phone


Driverless mode Bluetooth-enabled, play it like a huge remote control car

/700 watt, high-performance dual-motor engine

It performs almost like a motorcycle, but difference is, it has low noise level and is easy to maintain


Beautiful design and variety of shapes will satisfy the most demanding taste.The segway has been rigorously tested in over 50 reliability tests, and has reached military standards to guarantee performance and excellent durability. Of course, as much as we've done our part in ensuring the safety of our users, it is important and essential for users to ride safely in real-life situations and be on the safe side of the road.

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Segway's over 16 years of industry experience, it is way easier to bring self-balancing scooters to every household. Now just for €449.99

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